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Mike Haywood, first and foremost, is a guitar player but has also worked as a composer, songwriter, mixer, producer, original artist, and multi-instrumentalist.. Haywood's first instrument was the drums; playing his first recitals at 8 years old. He would eventually find his love of music through the guitar.
Haywood, now 30 years old, has played on Nashville's Broadway circut, the NYC Harlem/Bronx circit, Kenan Memorial Stadium, Bank of America Stadium, as well as historic venues all across the east coast and midwest. From 2014-2019, Mike was freelance musician playing in local bands like Matt Minchew & the Highbinders and The Mood Kings in Charlotte, NC.

Mike Haywood then moved to Nashville, TN to pursue more studio work. Mike worked on sessions at three different Nashville studios: Welcome to 1979, Perfect Image Recordings, Portfella Studios. He also toured as a guitarist with the Billboard country artist Keegan Jacko in 2021.
Mike moved to New York City, in October 2021, with the goal of writing and creating more music. He joined a local original band, Ben Schmitz, playing bass for Ben's indie rock project playing in the Brooklyn, Lower East Side indie scene. He was also a guitarist in a latin, rap/rock band, playing the Harlem/Broxn scene. While in Nashville and NYC, he wrote and recorded three singles and produced a music video for his song, Sincere Emotion, that has over 12,000 views across all social media platforms.

He returned to Charlotte in late 2022 to bring back knowledge of the music industry. Mike has more music coming out in 2023, starting with the release of his instrumental single, Queen, on January 9th. He has reunited with his former Charlotte alt-blues & funk project and has multiple releases in the works for 2023.


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