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NYC-based Rock artist

Mike Haywood was born in Trenton, New Jersey in 1992. Haywood's first instrument was the drums; playing his first recitals at 8 years old. He would eventually find his love of music through the guitar. He studied classical and jazz music as an early guitarist, playing in the local scene in Charlotte, NC.


He was a full-time freelance sideman musician in Charlotte, NC from 2013-2019, playing in a wide variety of bands like Matt Minchew & the Highbinders. Mike moved to Nashville, TN in 2019.  Haywood has performed up and down the east coast from New York to Arkansas to Florida.


He began songwriting and recording his own alternative rock music with a mix of folk-rock lyrics and modern guitar tones and riffs. Mike wanted to combine his love of funk, blues, and jazz into a hard rock sound, while also telling stories criticizing the conditions of living in the modern-day. Now 29 years old, Mike Haywood lives in NYC pursuing being an experimental rock artist while working a wide spectrum of side jobs. He likes to focus his art on the struggle of being an independent artist.